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Orbera vs Reshape | Which One Is Better?
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Understanding the differences between Orbera and Reshape

Both gastric balloon profiles are excellent, with strong indications of safety, comfort and effectiveness. In clinical trials, both Orbera and Reshape showed patients losing up to 35% of excess body weight, usually a minimum of 25 lbs. Orbera allows clients to lose up to 3 times as much weight as diet and exercise alone, and Reshape up to 2 times as much. Choosing the right intragastric balloon will depend heavily on your doctor’s recommendation, and on a number of health factors including co-morbidities, or secondary, obesity-related ailments.

Orbera vs Reshape Orbera vs Reshape

Orbera overview

Orbera has been around longer than Reshape, but was only recently approved by the FDA for use in North America. Abroad it has been highly successful as a temporary weight loss strategy for years.

The Orbera is a single-sphered design, an innovative silicone bubble that gets endoscopically inserted through the mouth and inflated in the stomach. The free-floating balloon is typically filled with 550 cc of sterilized saline solution. This creates a sensation of abdominal fullness, which discourages impulsive eating and promotes dynamic weight loss. The device stays in place for six months, after which it is removed non-surgically.

Reshape overview

FDA-approved in 2015, Reshape is an exciting new product that offers twice as much balloon volume, thus creating an intestinal environment that feels full almost around the clock. Negative eating habits are reversed because the gnawing hunger simply isn’t an issue anymore. Patients receive a powerful jumpstart as they amend their lifestyle.

Reshape’s forward-thinking engineering involves a dual sphere system, with each of the two balloons holding 450 cc of saline (900 cc in total). Not only does this design provide more comfort for the patient in terms of its contoured shape, but having two balloons means in the rare event one were to rupture, the implant stays in place rather than migrating.

Besides having two gastric spheres rather than one, Reshape also differs from Orbera in requiring a co-morbidity for qualification to the program. A co-morbidity is an additional health concern such as hypertension, sleep apnea, high cholesterol or diabetes.

This chart creates an at-a-glance visual of the key differences between Orbera and Reshape:

Orbera Gastric Balloon

One sphere



6 months

30-40 BMI

Co-morbidities not required

Prior bariatric surgery not allowed

Reshape Gastric Balloon

Two spheres

900cc (2 spheres)

Snug, shapely fit placement

6 months

30-40 BMI

Co-morbidities required

Prior bariatric surgery not allowed

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